Clare Kendall also does a number of popular and reasonably priced consultancy seminars.

Train your team to improve their photography skills in order to do all those little in-house jobs which don't really warrant the expense of hiring a professional.
This comprises an easy to follow seminar with accompanying worksheet that takes your team on a step by step program to improve their basic photography. It's followed by a few workshop activities covering a number of the most common office situations where photography is needed, perhaps for websites or internal newsletters and brochures.
These include:
-How to do group shots
-How to take better head and shoulders portraits
-How to photograph a presentation
-How to take a studio shot of an object in your own office
-Any other activity which may be pertinent to the particular client

This seminar is aimed at anyone at all who wants or needs to take better pictures. Whether they're keen amateurs with many years experience and state-of-the-art equipment or simply using their mobile phone.
One size fits all!


On busy news days national newspaper picture desks receive in excess of 30,000 contributed images yet only a handful make the paper.
This seminar is aimed at helping your team maximise their chances of being one of those few.
Clare says:
"During my years as a news photographer in London working for The Daily Telegraph I attended over 5000 photocalls but of those only around 400 produced images which made the paper.
"What's sad about this low hit rate is that it could have been doubled or trebled if PROs had a little basic photographic training and insight into the very specific needs of newspapers.
"The current economic downturn makes free handout images more attractive than ever but is an opportunity not being fully exploited."

This seminar is aimed at PR professionals whose job it is to organise photocalls and photographic output to the media.
It covers a host of problem areas such as:
-How to 'smuggle' branding successfully into a shot
-How to host a perfect photocall
-How to time your picture output to perfection

Clare says:
"It's amazing how often the same, easily rectifiable, mistakes are made. Huge amounts of time and money are lavished on photocalls doomed to failure from the outset due to simple errors"

This seminar provides  an easy to follow set of guidelines to help even the most unphotographically minded PRO improve their national hit rate.